Pirate Playground

at Jacobi Medical Center

In early 2016, we approached the Taft Foundation with an idea to turn the yard adjacent to Children’s Health Services at Jacobi into a playground. We wanted to transform this barren 7,000 sq foot outdoor area into a magical play-space. We envisioned a pirate ship, rolling waves, tunnels, rocking seahorses and surfboards. We hoped to give children space to run, jump, and laugh, while improving the patient experience and boosting staff morale.


We were thrilled that the Taft Foundation shared our enthusiasm and agreed to partner with Jacobi Medical Center and NYC H+H to bring this vision to life.   We turned to the experts at Studio DB for design inspiration and entrusted Volmar Construction to bring these designs to life.  


Almost two years later, we cut the ribbon on a spectacular playground.  


Our newly renovated outdoor space features bold colors, a pirate ship, waves, musical instruments and rideable dolphins and sea turtles. We have a xylophone in the shape of an enormous stingray, drums made to look like pylons and climbing structures made to resemble sea grass. Our play yard encourages children to use their imaginations as they race up the gangplank to steer our brightly colored pirate ship, to find their inner musician when they tap out tunes in the ocean below, and to run over turf shaped like waves. The playground is built to delight our patients and remind us all how much fun it is to laugh, skip and play outside.


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